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03.11.2006 -first release of JMuTE

25.10.2006 - account on Source Forge created

11.06.2006 - first of part of work finished Logo

Java Mutantion Testing for Eclipse is a plugin for Eclipse that enables mutation testing for Java projects. JMuTE introduces mutations to java source code, runs junit tests and generates an html report.

If you want to try JMuTE just click here. For now JMuTE runs only from command line, but we are currently workig on integrating it in Eclipse enviroment.

  Mutation Testing
One of he main method that developer can choose to assure good quality of his code is to write test cases concurrently with proper code. But what about situation when the tests are also not good, if they do not check the code taking into account different aspects of possible code executions? Can we improve the quality of test cases?
One of the methods is to use code coverage analysis. It describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested. However, when using this approach we have to remember that it can tell us whether the quality of test cases is low, but high code coverage , does not implicate high quality of tests. What can be done with this disadvantage?
The answer is to use mutation testing instead of code coverage analysis approach. The former begins by creating many versions of a program. Each of these versions is "mutated" to introduce a single fault. These "mutant" programs are then run against test cases with the goal of causing each faulty version to fail. Each time a test case causes a faulty version to fail, that mutant is considered "killed" and the test case is saved. When all mutant s have been killed, the saved test cases will comprise the test suite used to test the original program.

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