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03.11.2006 -first release of JMuTE

25.10.2006 - account on Source Forge created

11.06.2006 - first of part of work finished Logo


How can I download JMuTE?
Just click here!

What is mutation testing? And why is it so good?
Mutation Testing is a powerful method for finding errors in software programs. The idea is to introduce small changes into source code (every such change is called a mutant). Now when the source code is changed, at least one test case should fail. If not, our test case have poor quality and we should improve them.
JMuTE works like that:

  1. creates a list of applicable mutations
  2. makes the copy of original class source
  3. introduces the mutation from the list
  4. runs all tests from tests class sources
  5. collects results from executed tests
  6. generates the part of the report concerning mutated class
Steps from 2 to 6 are repeated in a loop for every mutation from the list of mutations.
And these all steps are repeated for every class from original class sources.

Why don't you introduce mutations on lexical level? It would be easier!
That is right! But...mutations on lexical level are not syntax preserving and there is small set of applicable mutation. We chosed to introduce mutations on syntax level to have more choice of avaiable mutations and to be sure that the mutated sources will be properly compiled.

Why there is no progress in the project?
As we are still studying we don't have too much time for developing the project. But slowly new features and imporements will be added to the project.

Will you write mutation testing framework for other languages?
No, we don't have such plans.

I found a bug, what should I do?
You should report it to the bug tracker. Click here.

I have an idea for a new feature, what should I do?
You should report it here.

I have a problem with using JMuTE, what should I do?
You can report it here or you can write about it on the forum, or you can suscribe to the JMuTE mailing list.

Can I help you somehow?
Of course! You can become JMuTE developer! Just click here and read about details.
You can also just test JMuTE and report about every bug you found.

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